Sirens Sound in Tel Aviv as Rockets Strike City: Hamas Claims Responsibility

The incident marked the first rocket strike on Tel Aviv since January, escalating tensions in the region.

Tension gripped Tel Aviv and parts of central Israel on Sunday as sirens blared across the city, signaling rocket attacks, according to reports from the Israeli health ministry as per a media source. The incident marked the first rocket strike on Tel Aviv since January, escalating tensions in the region.

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) confirmed that eight rockets were fired from the Rafah area of southern Gaza, penetrating Israeli airspace. IDF reported successful interception of a “number of projectiles,” averting potential casualties on the ground.

In response to the attack, Hamas, the militant group governing Gaza, claimed responsibility, stating it had targeted Tel Aviv with a “large missile barrage” in retaliation for what it termed Israel’s “massacres against civilians.”

Amid escalating hostilities, Israeli Minister of Defence Yoav Gallant convened with military officials in Rafah for a briefing on the ongoing operations in Gaza. According to an IDF statement, Gallant addressed troops, emphasizing efforts to dismantle Hamas and secure the release of hostages held in Gaza. He commended soldiers for their dedication and sacrifices since the outbreak of hostilities on October 7.

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The situation in Gaza remains dire, with the health ministry reporting 81 fatalities and 223 injuries resulting from Israeli military operations in the past 24 hours. Since the onset of hostilities on October 7, casualties have surged, with a total of 35,984 deaths and 80,643 injuries recorded, according to CNN.

The Palestinian health ministry alleged that Israeli forces had perpetrated “eight massacres against families” in Gaza, lamenting the challenges faced by rescue teams in reaching victims trapped under debris.

However, the ministry’s figures do not differentiate between civilian and militant casualties, nor do they account for individuals still missing or buried under rubble in Gaza. The complexities of the conflict continue to escalate, underscoring the urgent need for diplomatic intervention to alleviate civilian suffering and restore peace in the region.