World Environment Day 2024: A Glimpse of Pioneering Initiatives In Land Restoration & Sustainability

As the global community comes together to celebrate World Environment Day 2024, numerous brands and organizations are leading the charge with groundbreaking initiatives aimed at land restoration, combating desertification, and enhancing drought resilience.

As the global community comes together to celebrate World Environment Day 2024, numerous brands and organizations are leading the charge with groundbreaking initiatives aimed at land restoration, combating desertification, and enhancing drought resilience.

Faced with the pressing challenges of climate change and environmental degradation, leaders across various industries are making significant strides toward a sustainable future. Here’s a roundup of notable efforts from diverse sectors:

Dikshu Kukreja: Leading Urban Planner Advocates for Sustainable Development

Renowned Indian urban planner and architect Dikshu Kukreja underscores the critical need for prioritizing land restoration and combating desertification. His innovative approach includes efficient irrigation systems, water recycling and conservation, soil regeneration techniques, and reforesting degraded lands. Projects like Biswa Bangla Biswabidyalay in West Bengal and Pathways School in Gurugram exemplify how sustainable practices can be effectively integrated. Kukreja’s work highlights the vital role of corporate efforts in driving environmental sustainability and enhancing community well-being.

 Coca-Cola India: Pioneering Water Security

Coca-Cola India’s 2030 Water Security Strategy highlights the company’s commitment to sustainable water management. With over 150 community water conservation projects across India, Coca-Cola India has positively impacted 750 villages and over 1 million people. These initiatives have replenished more than 200% of the water used in their operations, earning the company the National Water Award 2022.

L’Oréal India: Green Pathways Initiative

L’Oréal India’s Green Pathways project in Yavatmal, Maharashtra, has restored over 2,500 hectares of degraded land, benefiting 1800 farmer families. A L’Oréal India spokesperson noted, “We have increased the region’s water storage capacity by over 150 million liters,” emphasizing the project’s role in boosting farmers’ incomes and empowering women.

Mondelez India: Cocoa Agroforestry Program

Mondelez India’s ‘Shubh Aarambh’ program supports sustainable agriculture in states like Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. “We are converting defunct wells into injection wells to effectively replenish underground water tables,” said Ophira Bhatia, Senior Director, India & Lead, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Corporate & Government Affairs. This initiative has shown promising results, particularly in Andhra Pradesh’s Pedavegi area.

The Body Shop: Championing Fair Trade and Sustainability

Harmeet Singh, VP, Product, Marketing, and Digital, The Body Shop, Asia South, highlighted the brand’s sustainable efforts. “Our Community Fair Trade (CFT) program supports sustainable farming. Our partnership with Plastics For Change has sourced recycled plastic from waste collectors in Bengaluru, ensuring fair wages and better working conditions for over 2,000 collectors.”

Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages (HCCB): Lake Restoration Projects

HCCB has revitalized two critical lakes in Karnataka by addressing issues like siltation and invasive vegetation. Their efforts include de-weeding, desilting, and establishing groundwater recharge wells, significantly rejuvenating local agricultural landscapes.

 ITC Savlon: Sustainable Hygiene Solutions

ITC Savlon has introduced products like Savlon Powdered Handwash, which has a much lower environmental footprint compared to conventional liquid handwash. Their Recycled Packaging Initiative uses 70% recycled plastic material, setting a new industry standard.

 Perona: Project Samarth

Perona’s Project Samarth focuses on education for the children of workers, offering career and educational counseling, scholarships, and vocational training. “Perona products are manufactured in a safe, fair, and equal working environment,” reinforcing their commitment to sustainability.

OPPO India: Technology for a Greener Future

“On this World Environment Day, I am proud to reaffirm OPPO India’s commitment to sustainability,” said Rakesh Bhardwaj, Head of Public Affairs. OPPO’s initiatives include the Battery Health Engine and the ‘3R+1D’ green packaging initiative, aimed at achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Embassy Group: EcoGram Initiative

Shaina Ganapthy, Head of Community Outreach, emphasized the practical and results-oriented approach of EcoGram, which includes lake revitalization, water recycling, and conservation efforts, creating a replicable model for sustainable communities.

Beforest Lifestyle Solutions: Permaculture and Rewilding

Sunith Reddy, CEO, highlighted Beforest’s permaculture initiatives, which transform arid land into productive food forests, demonstrating a deep commitment to environmental restoration.

 ITC Hotels: Leading Green Hospitality

ITC Hotels, with 23 LEED Platinum properties, are pioneers in blending luxury with sustainability. “We continue to create world-class luxury experiences in harmony with the environment,” said HC Vinayaka, Vice President – Technical, EHS, and Sustainability.

As these initiatives illustrate, the commitment to environmental sustainability spans various industries and approaches, reflecting a united effort to address climate change and safeguard our planet’s future.