Is EVM Dead Or Alive? PM Modi Takes a Dig At Opposition For Always Trolling EVM

PM Modi slammed “EVM doubters” during his address at the NDA meeting

On Friday, Mr. Modi speaking at the NDA parliamentary meeting in New Delhi slammed the opposition, who everytime during election season bashes the ‘EVM’. As, Opposition during several occasions have called the EVM farce and claimed that there’s alleged tampering done with the EVM machines, but this time on the evening of 4th June when the results came out, and the opposition ranted nothing about the EVMs. PM Modi in shock said, “When results were coming out on 4th June, I was busy with work. Phone calls started coming in later. I asked someone, numbers are fine, tell me EVM zinda hai ki mar gaya (Is EVM alive or dead)? … I thought they [opposition] would plan the funeral of EVM this time.”

PM Modi said that the opposition parties had even planned an all-out strategy to question EVMs before the counting started.

“These people (Opposition) had decided to ensure that people stop believing in democracy and democratic process of India. They continuously abused EVM. I thought they would take out the funeral procession of the EVM. But by the evening of 4th June, unko taale lag gaye. EVM ne unko chup kar diya (EVMs shut them down),” he said.

The Prime Minister hoped that no one will doubt EVMs for at least the next five years.

CEC Rajiv Kumar also takes jibe at the opposition on their EVM tampering accusations

The chief election commisioner Rajiv Kumar on thursday took a jibe on opposition, who raises questions on Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) saying the EVMs should be left to rest until the next elections as they are to be readied to be abused again in the upcoming polls.

Speaking to the press regarding the accusations of EVM tampering, Rajiv Kumar highlighted a longstanding trend spanning approximately 20 to 22 elections. During this period, EVMs consistently faced allegations of tampering and doubts were cast on their credibility. However, he emphasized that throughout these instances, the EVMs consistently upheld their integrity by accurately reflecting the election outcomes.

“The results of EVM are in front of everyone. Why to accuse that poor fellow? Let it rest for a few days. Let EVM rest till the next election. Then it will come out, then its battery will be changed, then its papers will be changed. Then it will get abused again, but will deliver good results. It has been showing similar results since the last 20-22 elections, the government keeps changing,” news agency ANI quoted Rajib Kumar as saying.