Is This the End for Cartoon Network? Here's What's Happening

The hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork began trending on X following a video posted by a user, raising alarms about the channel’s possible closure.

#RIPCartoonNetwork is trending all over the internet. Cartoon Network, a cherished American cable television channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, holds a special place in the childhood memories of many who grew up in the 90s. From beloved classics like Scooby-Doo and Tom and Jerry to the quirky humor of Johnny Bravo, the channel has been a constant source of entertainment for generations. However, recent trends on social media, particularly on X, have sparked concerns about its future.

The hashtag #RIPCartoonNetwork began trending on X following a video posted by Animation Workers Ignited, raising alarms about the channel’s possible closure. The video, which gained viral attention, highlighted challenges within the animation industry, including widespread layoffs and project cancellations.

In the video, animated characters expressed dismay over the state of affairs, pointing out that despite animation’s ability to continue production remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, studios opted to cut costs by outsourcing jobs and reducing staff. The narrative suggested that these actions were driven by corporate greed, benefiting executives while leaving many talented workers unemployed.

The call to action in the video urged viewers to share their favorite Cartoon Network memories using #RIPCartoonNetwork and support organizations like TAG (The Animation Guild), which advocate for industry professionals. It emphasized solidarity in defending animation from further setbacks.

As fans and industry professionals alike express their concerns online, the future of Cartoon Network and the broader animation landscape remains uncertain, prompting a wave of nostalgia and activism to preserve this beloved cultural institution.

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