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Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn ka March 18, 2020 written updates: Aman saves Roshani

Yeh Jaadu Hai Jinn ka March 18, 2020 written updates: Aman and Roshani came back home but they did not tell the family about Laila’s curse to Roshani. Roshani asked Aman to remained quiet about the curse as she doesn’t wants to trouble them. Roshani was not aware of her pregnancy and Aman thought that she knows. Roshani thought that Aman was talking about the surgery.
Roshani said that she doesn’t want to share this with the family, confusion occurred and Aman thought that she doesn’t want to tell about her pregnancy. But Aman’s mother got excited about that and planned a baby shower party for her. Then, Aman reached to the place and asked everyone to remain quiet. Aman reached on time and did his Kia Mifa to remove Roshani’s name from the wall.
Then Roshani asked who is going to become a mother. Then Sara suddenly said that Saima is pregnant. Roshani becomes happy to know that Saima is pregnant. Then suddenly the wall got broken and the wall fallen on Roshani. But Aman saw that at the same time and saved Roshani. Aman asked Roshani to stay in the room. But Roshani said that she could not stay in the room even if it is the last day.

Then Mr Chhotu called Locha Pari to talk but she did not respond so he shouted on her. Locha Pari thoug=ght that she is under attack so she threw the dust. The dust get mixed into the water and again harmed Roshani but Aman again saved her.

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