Microsoft Outlook Mobile App Update: What's New for Android and iPhone Users

Microsoft has rolled out new features for its Outlook Mobile app on Android and iOS, introducing several enhancements to streamline user experience and productivity.

Microsoft Outlook users on Android and iOS platforms received a host of new features and enhancements with the latest app updates, aimed at improving functionality and user experience.

New Features for Microsoft Outlook iOS App:

  • Report Message Option: The iOS app now includes the “Report Message” option in the swipe action list, enhancing users’ ability to manage their inbox efficiently.
  • Local Account Integration: Users can now utilize a local account within Office 365 Box, Microsoft’s cloud storage platform, allowing for secure file storage and sharing directly from the Outlook app.
  • Enhanced Compose Feature: The Compose feature has been updated, enabling users to resend messages directly from the Sent folder for added convenience.
  • Teams Integration: Access Teams meeting chat directly from event details in the calendar, facilitating seamless collaboration within the Outlook app ecosystem.

New Features for Microsoft Outlook Android App:

  • Extended Search Capability: Android users can now search past events for up to one year, a significant enhancement from the previous limit of six months, providing greater flexibility and access to historical data.
  • Teams Chat Integration: A new Teams tab has been introduced, allowing users to search Teams chat messages directly from the Outlook app. Selecting a message opens it in the Teams mobile app for further interaction.
  • Bug Fixes: The update addresses an issue related to single sign-on flow for Microsoft 365 accounts, ensuring smoother authentication processes for users.

These updates, introduced with Outlook for Android and iOS app version 4.2418.0, aim to streamline productivity and communication workflows for users across both platforms.

Microsoft Copilot Integration with Telegram

In addition to Outlook app enhancements, Microsoft recently integrated its AI chatbot, Copilot, with Telegram, enabling users to engage in conversations, ask questions, and browse the internet directly within the messaging platform. Currently available in beta with a limit of 30 turns per day, this feature offers users a new way to interact with AI-driven assistance seamlessly.

While in beta, the Copilot integration is accessible to all users for free, showcasing Microsoft’s commitment to exploring innovative ways to leverage AI technology for enhanced user experiences.