Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Farmer protests: 11th round of talks ‘inconclusive’, no date set for next meeting

11th round of talks between the Centre government and the Farmers’ union took place at Vigyan Bhawan today to discuss the proposal of suspending the farms laws for 18 months and setting up a committee put forward by the government. The government offered to put the implementation of the farm laws on hold for 2 years and said the next round of meeting will take place only if the farmer unions accept the proposal. No date for the next round of talks has been kept as the farmers contemplate the offer.

According to reports, farmers’ union had rejected the government’s initial proposal to defer the farm laws for 18 months and established that they will not settle for anything other than the repeal of the laws. In addition, the meeting between farmers and the Delhi police have remained inconclusive as the farmer unions declined the police’s offer to take out their rally on the Kundli–Manesar–Palwal Expressway instead of Outer Ring Road. The farmers’ union maintains that instead of stopping their march. The police should facilitate their peaceful rally. During the 10th meeting the government also offered to amend the laws but the farmer unions claim that the government is dodging the discussion on legal guarantee on MSP. The second meeting with the police is scheduled to take place on 23rd January.

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As per latest developments, Rakesh Takait, Spokesperson, Bhartiya Kisan Unions has announced that the rally will take place on 26th January as planned. The Supreme Court appointed committee is also to meet with farmer unions to know their point of view. A panel member- Bhupinder Singh Mann has resigned from the committee. The apex court held a hearing on application put forward by Bhartiya Kisan Party to fill the vacancy in the committee.

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