Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Akshay Kumar pledges to donate Rs 25 crore in PM cares fund to fight against coronavirus

The country is under the big threat over the spread of Coronavirus, the graph is not going down. The number of cases in India is increasing daily, the government is trying to give all possible resources but the situation is getting worst. For the financial support, Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged people to donates in Prime Minister Cares fund.
On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted, she appealed the fellow Indians to contribute to the PM cares fund. Prime Minister said that it will help to cater the situations like this. He also shared the link through which one can contribute to India’s fight against coronavirus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi then said, The PM Cares fund accepting the small donations as well, PM made people understand that how these micro-donations can strengthen the disaster management situation and encourage the research on how we can protect the fellow citizens.
PM said, let donate to this care fund so that we can make a better and healthier nation for our future generations. Just after 54 minutes of PM request, Akshay Kumar made the biggest donation. Akshay Kumar donated Rs 25 crore into the PM cares fund to fight against this novel coronavirus. Akshay tweeted and showed his concern for the lives of the people. She said that now the priority and the thing which matters the most is the lives of our people.

He added, we must do whatever is required and what we can do in this situation. He said that he pledged to contribute to the PM care fund with Rs 25 crore from his savings. Akshay Kumar said this is the time to save lives, Jaan Hai To Jaahan Hai (if there is life there will be the world).


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