FSSAI Suspends license of Fortune Dairy Over Chopped Finger Found in Ice Cream

Over a severed finger found in ice cream, the FSSAI revokes the license of the manufacturing company. Read the full article to know more..

Over the recent news of discovering a severed finger in an ice cream, FASSAI, the food watchdog of India has revoked the license of Mumbai based company, Fortune Dairy Industries Pvt Ltd at Indapur.

What happened?

A Mumbai based doctor named, Brendan Ferrao had recently ordered three mango ice creams from Yummo ice creams, that comes under the Fortune Dairy Industries. And found a chopped finger in the ice cream.

On June 12, he filed complaint with the Malad police, and a case was registered against the company under sections 272, 273 and 336 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

According to the probe, the ice cream was wrapped in the manufacturing date of May 11, 2024, and an expiry date of May 10, 2025. The police suspected that maybe the packaging was at fault.

So, following the complaint, the FSSAI officials visited Indapur and Hadaspur Fortune Dairy, where the ice creams were manufactured on Friday.

Suresh Annapure, joint commissioner, FDA, Pune region, said the central authorities had issued the food license to Fortune Daily.

“After the incident, the FSSAI conducted the inspection and the central authorities suspended the license of the dairy,” he said.

Annapure also assured that the Indapur food site had no involvement in the incident, but the inspection was necessary.

“The inspection at the Hadapsar unit was conducted for over 12 hours. We are in the process of issuing a notice to the unit,” he added.

Owner of the brand Sachin Jadhav says that this is a conspiracy to defame the brand.

He said, “The licence of the dairy is temporarily suspended, and the company is not sealed. However, we cannot conduct any manufacturing activities here,”

About Fortune Dairy

The company started in 2020. The company receives two lakh litres of milk daily and from that it produces butter and skimmed milk powders.

It is the fortune dairy that manufactures ice creams for Yummo ice cream company owned by Walko QSR Company Pvt Ltd.

Jadhav said “As the investigation is underway in the incident, we are supporting the authorities,”