Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Tech & Pandemic: Over 1.2 crore register as vaccine drive opens for 18+

Applications like Argogya Setu and the CoWin website are examples of technology’s contribution to the war effort against coronavirus. Science and technology utilise resources to create wondrous things and oftentimes, they help humanity survive the worst of disasters.

These pandemic days, technology is helping us manufacture vaccines and while we await vaccination, technology keeps us safe by educating us on the virus, preventing further infection by warning of another patient within range and keeping us entertained while we wait out this storm.

The opening of CoWin as a web portal where all adults could register for vaccinations is a welcome endeavor as over 1.2 crore registrations had been earlier made on the website, a good number of which is constituted by people between ages 18 and 44.

While the website initially registered people whose ages were 45 and above, 90% of the current total registrations were made after people of age 18 and above were permitted to register. Over 38 crore API calls (these refer to the number of commands that run on the website) were made within the first three hours of the website’s launch with an average of 20 lakh per minute.

Although, the CoWin website was at first overwhelmed with the traffic it faced, resulting in lag, delays and glitches, it is now working perfectly fine, likely having been moved to better and more numerous servers.

It is also stated that the registered people will recieve their appointment dates as circumstances allow i.e. the availability of vaccination centres set up on May 1. However, some states report that they may not be able to carry out the vaccination drive to their fullest abilities.

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