Watch: Fan Edits Anushka Sharma With Virat Kohli After India's T20 World Cup Victory; Social Media reacts

A viral edited video features a flawless illustration of Anushka giving Kohli a side hug as he holds the World Cup trophy

As Virat Kohli’s fans erupted in joy, celebrating India’s victory in the ICC World Cup final in Barbados, there was a notable absence that left many longing for a special moment: Anushka Sharma, Kohli’s wife and ardent supporter, was not seen in the stands. Typically a fixture at his matches, her absence during the final sparked curiosity and a touch of disappointment among fans, who were eager to witness the power couple celebrating together as other players did with their loved ones.

However, a viral edited video soon filled this void. The clip, now spreading rapidly online, features a flawless illustration of Anushka giving Kohli a side hug as he holds the World Cup trophy. The edit is so seamless that it appears genuine, and it quickly garnered emotional reactions from fans. “Much needed i so missed his family,” one user commented, while another added, “Much needed edit for sure,” among many other heartwarming remarks.

Despite her physical absence, Anushka made sure to send her love and greetings. Following India’s 17-year wait to capture their second T20 World Cup trophy. Anushka shared photos of the victory celebration on Instagram. She wrote, “Our daughter’s biggest concern was if all the players had someone to hug them after she saw them cry on tv….. Yes, My darling, they were hugged by 1.5 billion people. What a phenomenal victory and what a legendary achievement!! CHAMPIONS – CONGRATULATIONS!!”

In another heartfelt post, she expressed her admiration and love for Kohli, saying, “AND… I love this man @virat.kohli. So grateful to call you my home – now go have a glass of sparkling water for me to celebrate this!”

Amidst the celebrations, Kohli announced his retirement from T20 Internationals (T20Is) after a stellar performance that led India to victory. His final T20I innings, scoring 76 off 59 balls against South Africa, marked the end of an era as he gracefully passed the torch to the next generation of cricketers.

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