FIFA World Cup 2024: India Fails To Qualify After 2-1 Loss From Qatar

Writers concerning FIFA, AFC, and any other relevant authorities, are a clear indication of how seriously the issue is dealt with. AIFF, in consultation with its Chief Refereeing Officer, wants an independent probe into the refereeing mistake that [AIFF believes] cost India to miss out on an opportunity to qualify for FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Round 3.

India’s hopes for FIFA World Cup 2026 took a hit after a controversial defeat against Qatar in the Preliminary Joint Qualification Round 2. Despite a valiant effort, India succumbed to a 2-1 loss, with one of Qatar’s goals stirring up a storm of debate within the football fraternity.

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) expressed deep disappointment with the referring during the match, especially regarding a goal scored by Qatar despite the ball having travelled out of play. This contentious decision ultimately ended India’s journey in the qualification race.

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he AIFF admitted to the fact that there are gains and losses involved in football, the authorities ensured that the footballers and team officials understood the spirit of fairness and compliance with the rules of the game.



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The statement in question released by AIFF highlights the serious nature with which the board views the spirit of the game and fair play in football competitions. The AIFF has tried to rectify the injustice meted out to the Indian team through this move of seeking a review and through an attempt to look into the feasibility of sporting compensation. This is because the credibility of the game is involved thus believing that FIFA and AFC will address the irregularity accordingly.

However, the journey of India in the FIFA World Cup 2026 qualifier can be seen as successful if not successful only because of their persistence. Despite perhaps not doing so this time they have been able to excel in their performances as per fans and other pundits.

Their decline to the third position in the group is an inevitable testimony to the defects observed in a rather competitive tournament. While the Indian team’s dream of World Cup qualification could well be over now, the group featuring Qatar and Kuwait has ensured that the spirit of the team and the love for the sport is as alive as ever.

This is well seen when, for the unfair loss that was seen in the recent past, the Indian football community collectively targets to fight for fairness in the game. Thus, the Indian football saga plays on and as the curtain falls on this particular bout, the canvass on which football’s future unfolds retains its vibrant promise.

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