Newly Appointed UK Defence Minister Pledges Enhanced Military Aid For Ukraine Amidst Ongoing Russian Aggression

John Healey pledged to supply additional ammunition, and missiles to bolster Ukraine’s defenses against ongoing Russian aggression.

The United Kingdom’s newly appointed Defence Minister, John Healey, pledged on Sunday to supply additional artillery guns, ammunition, and missiles to bolster Ukraine’s defenses against ongoing Russian aggression. Healey’s visit to the southern port city of Odesa marked his first international trip since assuming office on Friday, under the newly formed government led by Prime Minister Keir Starmer.

Healey, during his visit to Odesa—a city frequently targeted by Russian missile and drone strikes—emphasized the UK’s steadfast commitment to Ukraine. “There may have been a change in government, but the UK is united for Ukraine,” he stated, as per a statement released by the British defence ministry.

The new assistance package announced by Healey includes artillery guns, 250,000 rounds of ammunition, de-mining vehicles, small military boats, missiles, and other critical equipment.

In Odesa, Healey met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Defence Minister Rustem Umerov to discuss the ongoing conflict and assess the needs of the Ukrainian military. President Zelensky shared footage of Healey laying flowers at a memorial in honor of Ukraine’s Navy Day, highlighting the symbolic significance of the visit.

During their meeting, Zelensky briefed Healey and Dutch Defence Minister Ruben Brekelmans, who also recently assumed his position, on the current battlefield dynamics. The discussions focused on enhancing the delivery and efficiency of military support to Ukraine.

During the past weekend, Dutch Foreign Minister Caspar Veldkamp, being in Kyiv, assured Ukraine to deliver F-16 fighter planes as soon as possible, to send them “without delay.” The Dutch decision corresponds to the general trend of strengthening Ukraine’s defense during the last period.

Healey confirms that the previously declared large-scale UK aid for Ukraine, that has been pledged in April, would be fully provided to Ukraine within the next 100 days. This pledge arrived with consternation to regular moaning by Kyiv that it has not been receiving enough military supplies from the West, which is critical to Ukraine’s squeezed and outmatched military against the Russian invasion.

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