Monday, August 8, 2022

US VP Kamala Harris highlights need to rebuild water policy; China planning a Water War?

Highlighting the need to revamp the water policy of the country, the Vice President of the USA Kamala Harris said recently that for years and generations, wars had been fought over oil but in a short matter of time, they would be fought over water. Based on reports of recent Chinese activities, a ‘Water War’ is what China might be planning.

China’s attempts at dominance in the South China Sea and tactics at intimidating nations like Taiwan expose its ambitions. A water war enables China to leverage its upstream Tibet-centered power over the most important natural resource.

Recently, the Taiwanese Defense Ministry reported that around 20 military aircraft have entered its southeast Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) on March 26. These jets flew over the Bashi Channel that lies between Taiwan and Phillipines and American naval ships often sail through it. It is possible that this was a drill meant to target the American ships.

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On April 1st, the Coast Guard of Taiwan also reported drones flying over the Pratas Islands that are occupied by Taiwan but claimed by China known as Dongsha Dao in Mandarin. The Chinese administration has not made any statements concerning either of these activities.

Additionally, US President Joe Biden had given his word on protecting America’s allies against Chinese aggression and push back any Chinese incursions.

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