Monday, August 8, 2022

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain actor Aasif Sheikh revives his cooking love in quarantine

This lockdown period has given all of us a relaxing time with our families and is allowing us to do what we really wish to do. In this lockdown everybody is trying to follow their hobbies that we all lost somewhere due to our busy schedules. Coronavirus is a deadly virus and that is the reason nobody is taking any kind of risk to go outdoors, everybody is staying in with their families. Some has started painting, writing or reading their favourite books.

Every celebrity is even trying to figure out their likes, so everybody is trying their hands at cooking. Some of them were already good cooks while some are trying cooking these days. A very famous celebrity of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai, Aasif Sheikh is also cooking in these quarantine days. Aasif again tried to create a masterpiece in the kitchen. Everybody in this quarantine is completing their to-do list or to watch list but Aasif is busy completing his to cook list.

Sheikh is utilizing his time very efficiently and is now doing what he always wished to do but couldn’t due to his busy schedule. The star said that he loves to cook and is trying out new dishes these days, recently he tried a new recipe called rosette fish which his family loved a lot. He also revealed that now he has taken the charge of cooking breakfast and lunch for his family. He also said that cooking enhances hi mood and he will be experimenting on more food items now. Apart from writing, Aasif has a huge interest in writing as well. He write scripts for theaters as well.

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