Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Casting Director Parag Rawool is a man with multiple professional titles; know more!

Parag Rawool is a name that many people would know in the Indian television industry. As a Casting Director for non-fiction shows, his work is highly praised. Parag has a reputation for not only being a brilliant casting director but also of someone great at event management. He is known as a multi-tasker who can handle any big responsibility.

12 years ago, Parag Rawool started as a Senior Talent Producer and today, he is the Talent Head for fiction and non-fiction shows on television. At the early stage of his career, he did event management, worked in the production team of movies and shows. His observant nature, quick learning skills, and quest to be at the top helped him reach this stage in his professional life.

Being a Talent Head fiction for non-fiction shows is a big deal in the Indian television industry. Overall, there are only 3-4 people who are in that position. In the handful of them, Parag Rawool has managed to secure a place for himself because of his excellence, multi-talent, and how aware he is of the needs and demands of the show creators.

Every successful person seeks growth. Despite achieving every goal that they had planned in life, they keep making new ones. Parag is also a person who dreams big and decided to start his own company Team Aspiring. Skilled and talented media professionals from every sector are a part of Rawool’s company. He is fully motivated and eager to see how this journey pans out.

About launching his own company, Parag Rawool says, “It has been an exciting decade for me in the TV industry as a casting director. I have worked with top channels like Star Plus, Zee TV, Colors, and several others. I understand their work culture and their expectations from a Talent Head. So it made me believe that I can lead a team by myself with a company that will help with bigger reach and better work.”

Indeed he is capable of handling every work assigned to him! Parag has seen the peak of reality shows and even the pandemic that led to a long pause in the industry. But being the professional that he is, last year in October, he did his job extremely well as the casting director of a kids reality singing show called Taare Zameen Par. The show was delayed for 7 months and anything could’ve messed up. But Parag Rawool is particular about his job and the show ended up as one of the best reality shows of 2020.

Today, Parag Rawool owns many professional titles – A Talent Head/Casting Director, Best event manager, team player, entrepreneur, and also a qualified marketer. Last year, he did Influencer Marketing Campaigns for several brands. The clients he worked with were impressed with his work and Parag has many such collaborations coming up this year too. As we mentioned earlier, some people always seek growth and people like Parag know how to work hard and smartly to tick off the goals.

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