Nicki Minaj Arrested During Instagram LIVE In Amsterdam Over Carrying Marijuana In Bags: Report

Nicki Minaj has been reportedly arrested in Amsterdam. Read on to know what exactly happened

Nicki Minaj has been reportedly arrested in Amsterdam after marijuana was allegedly found in one of her bags. The award-winning rapper has claimed that the pre-rolls discovered in the bags belong to her security team.

The clip, filmed by Minaj, shows her being confronted by police and demanding a lawyer. The officers in the surfaced video tell rapper, “Because you’re carrying drugs,” to which she says, “I’m not carrying drugs. I’m not carrying drugs. I am not going in there. I need a lawyer present. No, I need a lawyer present now.” The officer then tells Nicki, “You have to go to the police station, you are under arrest.”

To this, a surprised Nicki Minaj replies, “So I’m under arrest? Under arrest for what? I need a lawyer ’cause I don’t know where I’m going.”


The hashtag #FREENICKI is starting to trend on Twitter (X) as her fans grow concerned. However, indications suggested that trouble was looming. Just hours ago, Nicki Minaj underwent a luggage search after police reportedly discovered something suspicious in her purse. In a video shared by the rapper herself, she was confronted by airport authorities outside, who explained the reason for needing a second look at her belongings.

Fans were quick to react on the news as one user stated, “She has no respect for the laws of other countries. She feels above them.” Another stated, “Forgot to mention it’s legal in Amsterdam.” One added, “they want her to be the bad guy sooo bad.” And, one said, “sound like some sort of setup ngl, Amsterdam is know for legalising weed and even on the verge of trying to get cocaine legalised, somethings not right with this clip.”