Delhi Water Crisis Update: Atishi Writes to PM to Intervene in Mitigating Water Issue With Haryana Government

Delhi water Minister urges PM Modi to intervene into solving the water issue with the neighbouring Haryana Govt. as Delhi is crippling with extreme heat and people are here in need of large quantity water supply.

In a recent update to the Delhi water crisis, on Wednesday Delhi water minister and AAP leader Atishi wrote Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting his intervention in the crisis and helping Delhi get water from the Haryana govt.

Her letter conditioned that if Delhi doesn’t get water, then she will have to on Satyagraha from 21st June and sit on an indefinite fast.

Also to mention, the 21st of June is Yoga Diwas, which PM Modi celebrates enthusiastically every year.

Atishi conference video –

She also wrote highlighting that on May 29, Delhi’s temperature touched a record-breaking 52.9 degrees Celsius. Last week on Tuesday the temperature again rose to an unprecedented 47 degrees. Even in the morning 10 AM, the temperature was 41 degrees.
She underlined that Delhi in 100 years has not received such extreme heat and that people are in need of water in large quantities.

The water minister said, “1 MGD of water provides water to approximately 28,500 people in a day. Due to a shortage of 100 MGD water, 28 lakh people are not getting water. That means the Haryana government has stopped the water supply to 28 lakh Delhiites. Prime Minister ji, You tell me, is it right to keep 28 lakh Delhiites thirsty?”

She writes, “I wrote a letter to the Chief Minister of Haryana and requested him to release extra water. However, the Haryana government did not release the water. I folded my hands in front of Himachal Pradesh and requested water for Delhi. Himachal Pradesh is ready to provide its additional water, but that too has to come through Haryana. Haryana government has also refused to provide water coming from Himachal,”

Urging the PM, she wrote “Prime Minister ji, the people of Delhi are very troubled. Now I cannot see this trouble. I have tried everything possible, but the Haryana government is not ready to give water to the people of Delhi. Now I am requesting you with folded hands that you provide water to 28 lakh people of Delhi. In case the city does not get water, I will have to do ‘Satyagraha” from 21st June and sit on an indefinite hunger strike,” and concluded her letter.