Mumbai BMW Crash Case Update: Accused Mihir Shah Who Was on Run Has Been Sent To Custody Till 16Th July

The Mumbai BMW crash accused, Mihir Shah has been sent to a 6-day police custody till 16th July. He was arrested on 9th July.

Mumbai hit-and-run case update: After arresting the accused Mihir Shah on Tuesday, who was absconding and on the run after the accident, On Wednesday has been sent to a 6-day police custody till 16th July.

Though the police has demanded a 7-day police custody instead.

The police informed the Sewri court in Mumbai that they needed to discover how many people helped the accused after the incident and who helped him hide. They also need to find out if the accused has a driver’s license and where the car’s number plate is, as it was discarded by the accused after the accident.

Mihir Shah was arrested, his lawyer told the court that Mihir and the driver were questioned face-to-face. The lawyer argued that since the police already have Mihir’s phone, there is no need for further custody.

The lawyer also mentioned that Mihir was taken to the accident scene yesterday, where he explained the whole incident. The statements from Mihir and the driver match. The police have not provided a reason for Mihir’s arrest.