Aman Sehrawat Advances To Semi-Finals, Deepak Punia's Paris Olympic Qualification In Jeopardy

Deepak Punia’s aspirations for Olympic qualification took a severe blow after a resounding loss in the opening round of the World Qualifiers, while young wrestler Aman Sehrawat advanced to the semifinals in the 57kg category.

Deepak Punia’s bid for Olympic qualification took a major hit after a devastating defeat in the first round of the World Qualifiers, but there was a glimmer of hope as young wrestler Aman Sehrawat advanced to the semifinals in the 57kg category, putting him within striking distance of securing a spot for the Paris Games.

The disappointment for Punia, competing in the 86kg category, was palpable as he succumbed to a formidable opponent from China, Zushen Lin, losing 4-6 despite initially taking the lead. With his fate now dependent on Lin’s performance in the tournament, Punia’s chances hang in the balance.

In contrast, Sehrawat’s performance was commendable, displaying his prowess with wins over Georgi Valentinov Vangelov and Andrii Yatsenko. His technical superiority and strategic prowess were evident as he secured victory without conceding a single point.

Meanwhile, other Indian wrestlers also showcased their skills on the mat. Sujeet Kalkal in the 65kg category and Jaideep Ahlawat in the 74kg category advanced to the quarterfinals and pre-quarterfinals respectively, keeping India’s hopes alive in securing Olympic berths.

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Despite a tough road ahead, Sujeet and Ahlawat demonstrated resilience and determination, overcoming opponents with skillful maneuvers and tactical brilliance.

However, it was not all smooth sailing for the Indian contingent as Deepak and Sumit Malik faced setbacks in their respective weight categories, losing in the first round of bouts.

With the World Qualifiers representing the final opportunity for Indian male wrestlers to secure Olympic qualification, every match holds immense significance. As the competition progresses, the hopes and aspirations of the Indian wrestling fraternity remain pinned on the performances of these talented athletes, who strive to make their mark on the global stage.