Death Toll Rises to Four in South Korea Due to Heavy Rains

South Korean Interior Minister Lee Sang-min described the situation, saying, “It was a level of severity seen once in about 200 years.”

Four individuals tragically lost their lives due to heavy rains that swept through South Korea’s southern region on Wednesday, according to Al Jazeera. The downpour caused extensive damage to infrastructure, property, and roads, prompting landslide warnings for around 50 areas. Approximately 3,500 individuals were stranded, reported the South Korean Ministry of the Interior and Safety.

Interior Minister Lee Sang-min described the severity of the situation as unprecedented, comparing it to events occurring once every 200 years. Gunsan City received 131.7 mm of rainfall on Wednesday alone, exceeding 10 per cent of its average annual precipitation.

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Among the casualties, a man trapped in a flooded apartment lift in Nonsan succumbed to his circumstances. Additionally, rescue teams recovered the body of a man in his 70s from a collapsed house caused by a landslide. Despite efforts to save him, he passed away in the hospital. In Daegu, a man in his 60s died after being pulled into a drainage system while inspecting his farm, while another man in his 70s lost his life when his vehicle was swept away by a swollen stream.

This devastating event comes less than a year after floods claimed 44 lives in South Korea on July 18, 2023. Rescuers from the Marine Corps recovered the body of a woman in Yecheon, and a police rescue dog found another woman in her 70s buried under debris. Later in the day, authorities discovered the body of a male victim in the same county, three of the nine people still missing after the landslides and floods.

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