Sunday, August 7, 2022

Bigg Boss 14: “Regret opening up about depression”: Eijaz khan breaks down as Jasmin Bhasin calls him ‘pagal’

During yesterday’s Bigg Boss episode, Eijaz Khan was seen welling up with tears. Having discussed with Nikki Tamboli about Jasmin Bhasin being an incompetent captain, he went to Shardul Pandit to have an open-minded, emotional discussion. Eijaz told Shardul that he was hurt with Jasmin Bhasin calling her paagal.

Eijaz said that Jasmin had been negligent towards the red zone key, placing it in places where it could be found by anyone even after he had warned her three times to place the key properly. He cited her irresponsible behaviour as to why she did not make a decent captain.

Shardul decided to attribute her irresponsible safeguarding of the key to her childish, but adorable character and if she were made to understand properly, she would mend her ways. Eijaz replied that no one other than her is a kid in the house, adding that she is only pretending to be such and is actually a puppet.

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Further, Eijaz says that he would now Jasmin that who was mad, she had accused him of being mad and crazy during tasks. He said that Jasmin just speaks out words without the understanding of their meanings. He adds that Jasmin had done reality shows previously as well and she was 30 years old.

After this, Eijaz breaks down into tears and in a heavy voice, he tells Shardul that everyone will prove him mad in the house and all this will actually have an impact on his mental health. Shardul, in an attempt to calm him down, tells him to not react to what people say. Shardul says to Eijaz that if he stops reacting to people then people will eventually stop talking about him.

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