Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Team India Against Covid-19 Crisis: Focus On Solutions Than Politics

In the wake of a spike in coronavirus cases, Congressman Rahul Gandhi cancelled all of his public rallies in the election-bound state on Sunday, advising all politicians to consider the repercussions of conducting massive public rallies. In the last few weeks, India has seen a large number of cases, and several states have placed partial lockdowns. However, the large number of rallies by national parties in election-bound states has drawn criticism from across the country. 

The Election Commission has imposed some limitations as well, but they make no difference because of the essence of their imposition. The time for campaigning has been shortened to 7 p.m. by the poll panel. It had been up to 10 p.m. previously. According to the Election Commission, there will be no campaigning in the state between 7 p.m. and 10 a.m. on election day. How does it make any difference?. The crumbling health infrastructure of many states has already created major concerns among the citizens of this nation. 

In certain states, medical oxygen, Remdesivir, and bed facilities are all in short supply. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh are the states most affected by the rise in cases. Maharashtra and Delhi government has already informed the central government about shortages of these medical facilities. 

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Here’s a list of steps that can be taken as soon as possible. India is currently experiencing an Oxygen Crisis, as medical oxygen use is at capacity in high-burden states. Government should give its attention towards the remote areas too and ensure the continuous supply of oxygen there too. 

One effective topic is for India to pursue self-sufficiency by constructing PSA plants in the 100 hospitals that have been built to generate its own oxygen. Large storage tanks with a 10-day capacity should be installed in hospitals. To carry oxygen and save time, trains should be used. 


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