John Cena Vs The Rock: Who is Bigger, Better and Greater in the WWE?

John Cena is set to retire from in-ring competition in 2025. The WWE star has often been compared to The Rock

WWE star John Cena is set to call time on his in-ring career in 2025. The erstwhile “Doctor of Thuganomics” announced the same at the Money In The Bank PPV on July 6, leaving fans heartbroken.

Cena made his WWE debut in 2002 and soon emerged as a force to reckon with. With time, he became the proverbial face of the company and headlined several PPVs including WrestleMania. Cena also garnered attention as a rapper with songs such as ‘Bad Bad Man’ and ‘Thug Life’.

Additionally, he carved a niche in Hollywood with his work in films such as ‘The Marine’ and ‘Ferdinand’, which made him a recognisable name even beyond the WWE Universe.

Following this, fans drew parallels between Cena and The Rock. The master of the Attitude Adjustment is yet to rival the Brahma Bull’s popularity in Hollywood. However, a closer look at Cena’s career, suggests that his legacy in WWE is no less than that of“The Great One”

John Cena, Not The Rock, Is The “Face That Runs The Place

John Cena signed a developmental contract with the WWE in 2001 and has been in the company since. In other words, he would have spent 24 years with the pro wrestling giant by the time he hangs up his boots.

Moreover, the company has had full faith in his abilities  from the time made his main roster debut in 2002. This perhaps explains why he nearly took down the mighty Kurt Angle, an Olympic Medalist, in his first match. Cena then picked up “upset wins” over the likes of The Undertaker and the late Eddie Guerrero. Cena also worked on his gimmick and adopted a rapper persona. His rhyming raps clicked with the audience, indicating that the WWE had put their faith in an “instant classic”

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The Rock, on the other hand, made his WWE debut in 1996 and remained a full-time member of the roster till 2003/04 when he decided to pursue a career in Hollywood. He also did not have a great first run with the company as fans rejected his Rocky Maivia persona. He eventually turned heel as part of the Nation of Domination and impressed “The People” with his work.

John Cena Is A Jedi On The Mic

It is no secret that The Rock’s mic skills played a massive in his rise as a superstar. The WWE legend cut some unforgettable promos during the “Attitude Era”, especially as part of his feuds with HHH and Stone Cold Steve Austin. He also popularised the word ‘jabroni’ among the 90s kids.

Much like The Rock, John Cena too has time and again proved that his mic work is second to none. Cena delivered some of his most memorable promos as a heel early in his career. Even as a face, he was at his visceral best during his verbal exchanges with HHH.

However, Cena brought his A-game to his table during his feud with The Rock himself. The star’s passionate promos about being a full-timer and his love for the sport resonated with the WWE Universe, helping him hold his own against the future ‘Black Adam’ actor.

The Odds Were Stacked Against “The Champ”

The Rock was an integral part of the roster during the “Attitude Era”. The period was synonymous with strong language and shocking content, which made the product edgier. The Rock benefited from this and incorporated words like “candy a**” in his promos, which helped his work resonate with the younger audience.

John Cena, on the other hand, was the face of the PG era. The WWE product during this time was a lot tamer as the management toned down violence and profanity. This helped the product and Cena’s “goody two-shoes Superman” cater to children. However, it also also alienated those fond of more unhinged programming.

This resulted in Cena being booed despite being a face. However, the WWE didn’t give in to the pressure as Cena continued to “rise above hate” and impress with his ability to give and take a beating.

He also converted his perceived limitations as a wrestler into an advantage and made “the five moves of doom” into a cult phenomenon. Despite the restrictions associated with the era, his “you can’t see me” gesture became a part of pop culture just like The Rock’s raised eyebrow.

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