+1300 People Died In Hajj Pilgrimage In Saudi Arabia

According to Saudi Arabia, as many as 1,301 people perished during the Hajj pilgrimage.

According to Saudi Arabia, as many as 1,301 people perished during the Hajj pilgrimage on Sunday. More than four out of five of the deaths were attributed to “numerous cases” of heat stress and “unauthorized” travel, CNN said.
The Saudi government released a statement saying, “This year, the health system dealt with a lot of cases of heat stress, and some people are still receiving care. Unfortunately, 1,301 people lost their lives.”

Eighty-three percent of the deceased were described in the statement as “unauthorised to perform Hajj” and as having “walked long distances under direct sunlight, without adequate shelter or comfort.” According to a CNN story, it stated that among the fatalities were “several elderly and chronically ill individuals,” and that the family of each deceased person had now been located.

The primary cause of the hundreds of deaths and injuries reported during this year’s Hajj trip has been identified as the intense heat. On Monday, the temperature in Mecca reached a record-breaking 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Numerous officials have claimed that the increase in unofficial pilgrimages has made the problems worse.

Each pilgrim must obtain one of the 1.8 million permits that are available in Saudi Arabia in order to enter Mecca, the holy city that serves as the hub for Hajj travelers. A pilgrim may have to pay several thousand US dollars for these licenses. Unlicensed pilgrims typically do not ride in air-conditioned tour buses or have easy access to food and water. Instead, they travel in unofficial buses.

The illegal nature of these excursions appeared to be the reason given by the Saudi authorities for the prolonged delay in releasing an official death toll, as it had complicated the identification process.
The statement says, “identifying was finished even though there were initially no identifying documents or personal data. Death certificates were given, and the right procedures were followed for the deceased’s identification, burial, and respect.”

The inadequate planning and facilities of this year’s Hajj trip have drawn criticism from some participants. Even pilgrims on official excursions walked outside in the intense heat for the majority of the day. Speaking to CNN, a few witnesses claimed to have seen worshippers pass out and pass by remains wrapped in white linen.

Amid concerns that hundreds of Egyptians may be among the dead, Saudi Arabia’s declaration coincides with the Egyptian government’s promise to cancel the permits of sixteen Hajj tourism companies engaged in organizing unauthorized trips to Mecca and to report the management of those companies to the public prosecutor.
The decision was taken by the Egyptian government on Saturday in a cabinet meeting following the publication of a report that exposed the questionable practices of certain travel agencies.

Many pilgrims seek to enter the site illegally because obtaining one of these licenses costs several thousand US dollars, and they typically don’t travel in air-conditioned tour busses with convenient access to food and drink supplies.

Since countries only know about pilgrims who have registered and attended Mecca as part of their country’s quota, the overall number of deaths from this year’s Hajj may yet grow.

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