Newly Elected UK PM Keir Starmer Aims To Restore Relations With India; Changes Labour Party's Stance On Kashmir

The newly elected PM of UK Keir Starmer reiterated his desire to mend the relationship between India and the UK which was damaged by the Labour party’s stance and remarks on the Kashmir issue which were in stark contrast to the british government’s stance onthe same in the year 2019.

Newly elected, UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer is faced with a major challenge of mending the Labour Party relationship with India that was damaged in the past due to the Labour Party’s comments on the Kashmir issue that caused quite a lot of tension. The party’s past remarks were in a sharp contrast with the British government’s stance that on Kashmir that stated that the issue of the Union Territory is a bilateral matter between India and Pakistan.

The Labour Party that is led by Jeremy Corbyn, had sparked a significant controversy in September 2019 when it passed an emergency motion that called for international observers to enter Kashmir and advocated for the region’s right to self-determination.This also demanded Corbyn to talk to the high commissioners of India and Pakistan in order to mediate and bring back serenity, in an attempt to avoid another nuclear event. The Indian government strongly opposed this motion to say the least, Labelling it as an attempt “pander to vote-bank interests.”

Starmer, acknowledging the need for a solid rapport with the world’s up and coming economy, has started a process of fixing these past follies. In his election platform, he stressed the idea of ‘new special relation’ with India which centred on trading relations. Starmer has been clear too that the current situation is internal to India and Pakistan and that he will follow the line of the British government.

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In his outreach efforts to the Indian diaspora and through public addresses, Starmer has reiterated his position, “Any constitutional issues in India are a matter for the Indian Parliament, and Kashmir is a bilateral issue for India and Pakistan to resolve peacefully,” he stated during a meeting with Labour Friends of India. Labour’s new policy is a part of the broader international policy which serves to improve the relations between the British-Indian people and restore trust among the businesses investing in India.

During the course of his campaign, Starmer went out of his way in courting the British-Indian community he condemned Hinduphobia and learned celebrating the Indian festivals like Diwali and holi.

Further, Labour’s overall foreign policy platform characterized as ‘progressive realism,’ focuses on solving global issues starting from climate change to international security through rationalism. Starmer’s manifesto for the general elections reflected his desire to enhance an alliance with India on trade technology security, and more especially in the education, and environmental field.

The Labour Party’s success of getting the needed 326 to provide a House of Commons majority just before 5 AM on Friday.