From BJP Losing Ayodhya To Rahul Gandhi's Unexpected Comeback: Big Takeaways From Election Results 2024

However, BJP’s slogan, which was ‘400 paar’, couldn’t even reach +300. Whereas the INDIA Bloc managed to gain 234, which is a top-notch battle.

The most awaited day, June 4, a day responsible for deciding the future of the country, the Lok Sabha Election Vote Counting day, has come to an end. The BJP has landed to hold 240 seats, the NDA holds 291, Congress – 99, and INDIA- 234.

However, BJP’s slogan, which was ‘400 paar’, couldn’t even reach +300. Whereas the INDIA Bloc managed to gain 234, which is a top-notch battle.

With several numbers and parties gaining or losing, the NewsX Editor-in-Chief brings in the bottom line of the overall vote scenario. Narendra Modi’s BJP has not won an absolute majority on its own, but the NDA did. Also, on the other hand, the Congress has performed better, and even Akhilesh has fared a lot better. So, here is the bottom line.

Points To Note

1. Narendra Modi is back in a third term as PM. It’s his mandate, not the opposition’s that has got a boost but not a victory. But he will be sworn in as the Prime Minister.

2. UP and Bengal were the difference in BJP not making 272

3. There is no alternative government that the opposition can cobble together, potentially offering Nitish a PM ship, etc are all hopefully plants, not serious coups.

4. The Congress has got enough to re-energize and score moral victories – 40 extra seats, Amethi back, UP UPTICK, Challenging PM In Varanasi. Got some energy but couldn’t win.

5. Congress at less than 100 is not a thumping return, But given the decimation of 10 years, it is a creditable rise.

6. Akhilesh has had a wave But will have to focus on UP assembly to convert that into real power.

7. Mamata Banerjee has power in the state and has beaten back BJP Effectively and proved a strong point.

8. PM Modi is at his peak and won’t be compromising his agenda despite the discomfort of not having a single-party majority.

9. Ignore the conspiracy theories of self-sabotage of BJP in UP BJP Fought, got cut, and will have to deal with it.

10. All talks of some compromise candidate as PM are both mathematically off-kilter, but a canard to create a sense of crisis that doesn’t exist. The election has won, though it is a reduced victory. 

11. The INDI Alliance is unlikely to be formalized as a formal opposition front in parliament.

12. Chandrababu Naidu is back in Andhra Pradesh and center, whereas Jagan Mohan Reddy is decimated.

13. BJP has displaced Navin Patnaik In Odisha and has created History.

14. Rahul Gandhi has gotten his act together better this time compared to 2019. His Bharat Jodo yatra did help him cheer vote.

15. Hindus were divided by caste and the Modi effect that Transcended caste in UP for 10 years wore off.

16. There was no Ram Mandir Wave, which tells you a story of Hindu Chauvinism or Lack Thereof. as the BJP lost Fiazabad, where is the Ayodhya Ram Mandir.

17. The govt for the next 5 years is likely to be stable and last a full five years with more joining NDA, Rather than a reversal.

18. The Muslims in UP did not vote for the Bhartiya Janata Party despite the houses, ration, and water taps. Hence identities still matter.

19. The Congress now faces the Dilemma of building itself or still supporting building others for the next battle in 2029, the Priyanka entry timing, and the future of Rahul.