Neet Controversy updates: Opposition Unites, Indulges In 'War Of Words' With The Government; Calling Out The Sanctity of NEET Exam

On the recent NEET-UG 2024 results controversy, the opposition has unitedly cornered the centre govt. They have also raised questions on the sanctity of NEET examinations. Read full article to know more…

The sanctity of NEET-UG test has recently been compromised when the NTA declared the results on June 4. Allegations of paper leak, grace marks, many toppers and other irregularities has spooked the candidates and respective concerned people that now as a way out the supreme court has ordered the govt. to carry retest of those candidates who were awarded with grace marks on June 23.

But, now the opposition seems to be unitedly carrying attack on the govt. alleged incomptency in carrying out the NEET test.

Opposition’s Attacks –

For example, Delhi Minister and AAP leader Saurabh Bharadwaj says, “On 5th May NEET exam was conducted and on 4th May exam paper was leaked in Bihar…The question paper was given to some students and those students cleared the exam…Police have arrested four students in connection with it…This incident shows that the paper was leaked…Central government is silent…Neither a CBI enquiry nor steps for re-test are being taken,”.

Kapil Sibal, who was the Human Resource Development minister in Congress’ time, also joins in the war of words. He said “The present National Testing Agency (NTA) has really bungled and corruption has been brought to light on media platforms, such as providing solutions for question papers for something like becoming a doctor,”.

Tamil Nadu CM and DMK party leader MK Stalin says, ‘We have witnessed enough’. He pointed out in his recent post on ‘X’, that despite the National Testing Agency (NTA) being defended by the Union Education Minister, recent events paint a different picture. Allegations of OMR sheet tampering by invigilators in exchange for monetary benefits have led to an FIR being registered by the Gujarat Police, involving cheques worth several crore rupees and eight blank cheques. This conspiracy, which implicates a school principal, a physics teacher, and several NEET coaching centres, underscores the urgent need for systemic change.

He concluded that NEET, an examination masquerading as a measure of merit, is repeatedly revealed as a pervasive scam affecting all levels of society. He emphasized that the defense of this anti-student, anti-social justice, and anti-poor NEET system by the Union government must be stopped.

Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan’s statement –

Pradhan while speaking to ANI, “The government assures the students that full transparency will be adopted in the probe into alleged irregularities and re-conducting the NEET exams. The students do not need to worry,”

He further added, “”Students who wanted to meet us, I called them, their parents also came, I met them. I heard their side and I made them feel better.

The government is committed, and all students should have this assurance that a transparent process will be followed. 24 lakh students were the applicants, and 23.30 lakh students have taken the exam, this is natural, whatever doubts come to their minds, some issues came to mind that some irregularities in the centre were noticed, due to lack of time for grace marks, some objections were raised in the formula used for giving grace marks, that was also rectified”