Robert Vadra On Priyanka Gandhi's Poll Debut From Wayanad | NewsX Exclusive

When questioned about his political ambitions, Vadra mentioned his plans for the future. “I will continue to work hard for the people”.

In a recent exclusive interview with NewsX, Robert Vadra, husband of Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, shared his insights on the significant political developments within the Gandhi family. This comes after Rahul Gandhi’s announcement to retain his seat in Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh while vacating Wayanad in Kerala for his sister Priyanka to make her electoral debut. This decision marks a pivotal moment in Indian politics as it could potentially lead to three members of the Nehru-Gandhi family in Parliament simultaneously, reigniting the debate on dynastic politics.

Robert Vadra expressed his support for Priyanka’s candidacy, emphasizing her dedication and hard work on the ground. “She has worked tirelessly and made a significant impact. I’ve always believed she belongs in Parliament,” he remarked. He further elaborated that Rahul Gandhi’s decision to contest from two constituencies was a strategic move, ensuring a strong representation for the Congress. “Rahul felt it necessary to give up one constituency, and there was no better candidate than Priyanka to fulfil his vision for Wayanad.”



Why Wayanad Over Raebareli?

Addressing the decision to choose Wayanad for Priyanka’s electoral debut instead of Raebareli, Vadra explained that it wasn’t a predetermined choice. “It was a thoughtful decision. Rahul can continue to represent Raebareli while Priyanka can make her mark in Wayanad. This allows them to address the needs of people in both regions effectively,” he noted.

Priyanka’s Role in the Previous Elections

Vadra also explained why Priyanka did not contest in the recent elections. “She had to campaign across the country, supporting various states and constituencies. Her role was crucial in multiple regions, which is why she didn’t run for office herself,” he clarified.

The Sibling Duo: Rahul and Priyanka as a Team

When asked about the dynamics between Rahul and Priyanka working together, Vadra was confident about their synergy. “They work as a team with a shared vision. They’ve learned from their grandmother Indira Gandhi and their father Rajiv Gandhi. They know what the Congress requires and what the people of the country need,” he asserted. On speculation that Priyanka might overshadow Rahul, Vadra dismissed such concerns. “They are both individuals with their own strengths. They will advise and support each other, working together without overshadowing one another,” he emphasized. Vadra expressed his strong support for Rahul Gandhi taking on the role of Leader of the Opposition. “Rahul is committed and capable. He will ensure that the decisions made by the BJP government are countered effectively for the benefit of the people,” he stated.

Robert Vadra’s Own Political Aspirations

When questioned about his political ambitions, Vadra mentioned his plans for the future. “I will continue to work hard for the people and prepare for the next election. I don’t need to rush into a by-election; I’ll wait for the right time,” he said. On the family’s reaction to Priyanka’s political debut, Vadra shared their excitement. “Our children are very happy to see their mother taking this step. We are all proud of her, and we believe Parliament is the right place for her to amplify her efforts for the country,” he expressed.

Regarding the potential of Priyanka Gandhi as a future Prime Minister, Vadra stated, “That decision lies with the people of the country and the Congress party. However, she certainly has the qualities of a great leader.”

Critique of the Modi Government

In his final remarks, Vadra pointed out the weaknesses of the Modi government, particularly in maintaining their coalition. “The coalition partners like Nitish Kumar and Chandrababu Naidu are not firmly rooted with the BJP, making the coalition fragile,” he concluded.

This interview highlights the significant strategic moves within the Gandhi family and sets the stage for an intriguing political journey ahead. As Priyanka Gandhi Vadra steps into the electoral arena, the question remains: will this move solidify the Congress’s position and redefine the party’s future in Indian politics? Only time will tell.

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