'Rahul Dravid Has A Successful Career' Says Sourav Ganguly; Wishes Team India For Finale | NewsX Exclusive

With the ICC T20 Men’s World Cup coming to its end on 29 June, cricket enthusiasts all over the globe are on the edge of their seats.

With the ICC T20 Men’s World Cup coming to its end on 29 June, cricket enthusiasts all over the globe are on the edge of their seats. Having commenced on June 1, 2024, the series has witnessed some of the most exhilerating matches between 20 teams. Spanning across, fifty-five games, the event has marked the first tim that the United States of America is hosting a major ICC event.

On the occasion of the highly anticipated Finale match of the T20 World Cup that is set to be played between India and South Africa, NewsX bagged an exclusive with the cricket legend, Sachin Ganguly, former captain of the Indian Cricket team and the former President of Board of Control for Cricket in India.

While talking about the final match between India and South Africa Sourav Ganguly stated that he wished for India to win the finale and bring the World Cup trophy home. “India reached finals twice in last 7 months 50 over world cup and 20 overs world cup, so for them, my good wishes and I hope that they win this time,” Ganguly wished team India all the best for the finals.

When mentioned that Sourav Ganguly had made a big contribution towards building the Indian cricket team into what it is today, the former BCCI president denied taking credits for the growth and achievements of the team. “There is nothing like that, even if Rahul Dravid and Rohit Sharma had become a part of the team in my presence, it is them who play the game and who build the team, so it is entirely their contribution which has brought the team to this level.”

Talking about Virat Kohli’s recent performances and if he should be paying in the first round of the match, Ganguly asserted that Kohli should definitely open the match. “It happens in a game, sometimes, he is such a big player, Virat Kohli is a once-in-a-generation player,” Ganguly hoped that Kohli makes good runs the finale match. He further asserted that cricket is a team sport and all the players need to give their best while playing. “From the batsmen to the bowler, everybody has to give their best and play.”

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While in conversation about the upcoming final match between the two nations on June 29 and the Barbados pitch, Sourav added that it is difficult to predict what happens in the match tomorrow or the what the pitch is going to be like in the finale. “I’m in India and the match is taking place in west Indies, so when the first ball is played, only then we will be able to understand what the wicket will be like,” he mentioned.

Sourav Ganguly took the opportunity to mention that it is a very big day for South Africa tomorrow, since it is their first final in the World Cup in the last twenty-two years. “The had come in 1992 and now they will be playing their first World Cup final in a very long time, so it is a very big day for them,” he added.

While concluding, Sourav Ganguly talked about Rahul Dravid’s coaching career since it will be his last day. He said that Dravid has had a successful career with him having played two World Cup finals. “He might even the World Cup tomorrow, we really hope that he wins. He has played three world cup finals with me, in 2001 2002 and 2003 and at that time, T20 world cup did not exist, so he has had an outstanding career,” Ganguly asserted that he hoped that Rahul Dravid’s coaching career ends with a win in the world cup.