'Mirzapur’ Season 3 Episode 1 Review: Ali Fazal, Shweta Tripathi Sharma Shine Bright as their Game Of Thrones Begins

Mirzapur’ Season Episode 1 is a raw and gripping affair that re-introduces us to familiar characters and sets the stage for the rest of the series. The show is headlined by Ali Fazal, Shweta Tripathi Sharma, and Pankaj Tripathi.

‘Mirzapur’ Season 3, which premiered on Amazon Prime Video on Friday (July 5), begins with a captivating first episode that sets the stage for what is to follow.

The latest installment of the action drama series opens with a heart-wrenching sequence in which Madhuri (Isha Talwar) performs the last rites of Munna (Divyenndu), her husband. This scene builds an aura around the character and indicates that her quest for revenge will be one of the key themes of ‘Mirzapur’ this time. It also does a good job of reminding viewers of the gruesome events that unfolded towards the end of the second season.

The focus then shifts to Guddu (Ali Fazal) as he gears up to consolidate his standing in Purvanchal. His journey, however, isn’t an easy one as his parents don’t approve of his violent ways. The makers highlight this aspect quite skillfully through separate scenes in which he pleads with them to cooperate with him. Of these, the one involving Guddu and his father is more effective as Rajesh Tailang lets his silence do the talking.

‘Mirzapur’ Season 3 Episode 1 also highlights that Golu’s transformation from a meek college student to a ruthless and calculative mastermind is complete. In her first scene here she casually carries a gun and gears up a confrontation. This is in stark contrast to a scene from the first installment in which she struggles to fire a loaded gun

Her scenes with Ali Fazal too have come out reasonably well. The makers successfully establish the mature Golu as a foil to the more impulsive Guddu. The contrast between these two characters becomes amply clear in the gym sequence.

Coming to the performances, Ali Fazal is the scene-stealer in ‘Mirzapur’ Season 3 Episode 1. He is at his vulnerable best in his scenes with his parents. He also impresses with his intense dialogue delivery in the scene where he proclaims ‘violence mere USP hai’. Ali Fazal, however, is at his best in the “meeting of bahubalis” sequence.

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Shweta Tripathi Sharma complements Ali quite well with her restrained performance. Rajesh Taliang and Sheeba Chadha shine in the scenes they appear in. Isha Talwar’s speech on being widowed is another highlight of ‘Mirzapur’ Season 3 Episode 1 and may remind one of Katrina Kaif’s work in ‘Rajneeti’. Pankaj Tripathi remains conspicuous by his absence for the most part but the character’s presence is felt throughout the show. The rest of the cast serves its purpose.

The new installment, like the previous ones, features a liberal dose of strong language and violence.

To Conclude, ‘Mirzapur’ Season Episode 1 is a raw and gripping affair that re-introduces us to familiar characters and sets the stage for the rest of the series.