Technical Guruji, a YouTube channel run by Dubai-based Gaurav Choudhary, which is one of the most subscribed tech YouTube channel has now become the world’s first tech YouTube channel with 10 million subscribers and over 800 million views. Gaurav Choudhary, the man behind the world’s only most subscribed tech YouTube channel — Technical Guruji — rose to fame for his tech videos in Hindi. Technical Guruji basically provides information and reviews in a news like format. The following YouTube channel was started on 18th October 2015. While starting the channel, Gaurav Choudhary stated that the main motive behind starting this channel was to make people understand technology in the easiest form possible.

What’s interesting is that the channel, Technical Guruji, was started just three years back and has already become the world’s only tech YouTube channel with over 10 million views. YouTuber Gaurav Chaudhary uploads two videos on daily basis relating to the latest gadget or mobile phone launch. The videos contain Hindi contest making it super easy for the viewers to under the technology. Gaurav Chaudhary also shares reviews of the latest cell phones on his Technical Guruji channel that acts as a huge help for the people looking out to buy a new mobile phone or any tech gadget.

Apart from sharing the tech-related videos, Gaurav Chaudhary also shares videos on general topics that come into everyone’s mind but hardly get an answer to it, like Can A Phone Crash an Aeroplane? How do Google Maps work? and many more. Recently, Gaurav Chaudhary shared the video of his costliest flight ever where he had bought a first-class seat in Emirates for $22,000 (Rs 15,98,751)


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