Days after Rajasthan High court suspended the life sentence awarded to 2 persons convicted for their role in the bomb blast in the Ajmer dargah in 2007, one of the convicts, Bhavesh Patel returned home and was given a grand welcome by the crowd which is reported to include office bearers from BJP and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).

The Rajasthan High Court had granted Patel bail last week after suspending the sentence for hearing and disposal of an application challenging the conviction, moved by the convicts. 

The Rajasthan High Court’s order came after the convicts’ lawyers argued that the men had been convicted on the basis of “human probability… circumstantial evidence… conjectures”.

On Patel arrival at Bharuch, his hometown, saffron-clad people welcomed him and took him in a procession from the Swaminarayan temple in Dandiyabazaar to his house in Hathikhana area.

The Ajmer blast convict was carried on shoulders by locals during the procession and as per reports BJP’s Surbhiben Tamakuwala, president of the Bharuch municipality, councillor Marutisinh Atrodariya, VHP’s Viral Desai and local RSS members were present.

BJP leader Tamakuwala on being asked by media persons about the procession dodgedly said that he had received a message on a WhatsApp group and went there but he had no clue if Bhavesh Patel would be there.

“We came to know that Bhavesh had changed his ways and had become a Swami in jail. He was returning home, so I was present and felicitated him,” Councillor Marutisinh Atrodariya said on being asked the same.

The Ajmer blast rocked the nation on October 11, 2007, just before Iftar at the shrine that is popularly known as Ajmer Sharif. It was revealed that bomb was placed inside a tiffin carrier and had claimed 3 lives while 17 others were injured. A National Investigation Court (NIA) found Sunil Joshi and Devendra Gupta guilty on charges of conspiracy and Bhavesh Patel on planting the explosion on the blast site.

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