The Congress party has repeatedly raised the issue of bias between Facebook and WhatsApp executives towards the BJP and now it has demanded a high-level inquiry into Facebook India, said Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal in a letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday.

Venugopal said in a letter that Congress has repeatedly raised the issue of bias with many executives of Facebook and WhatsApp. The letter said that in one such meeting, he also participated and raised multiple issues to mostly deaf ears, to add, other political parties had also raised the same issue in India’s Parliament.

He further said that in the letter that it was still not too late to course-correct and make amends. Venugopal demanded setting up of a high-level inquiry by Facebook headquarters into the Facebook India leadership team and their operations and submit a report to the board of Facebook Inc. He added that the report should also be made public.

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The letter asked Facebook to publish and make transparent all instances of hate speech posts since 2014 that were allowed on the platform, until the completion of the internal investigation and submission of the report, please consider to lead Facebook India operations by a new team so as to not influence the investigation.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi earlier tweeted on Tuesday that Facebook’s alleged involvement in peddling fake news on the social media platform needs to be questioned.

“We cannot allow any manipulation of our hard-earned democracy through bias, fake news & hate speech. As exposed by @WSJ (Wall Street Journal), Facebook’s involvement in peddling fake and hate news needs to be questioned by all Indians,” he tweeted.

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