Friday, September 30, 2022
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James Webb: ‘Incredible’ Jupiter images revealed by space telescope

The largest and most powerful space telescope in the world has unveiled previously unseen pictures of Jupiter. In July, the James Webb Space Telescope...

Apple urges users to upgrade their software due to flaw in operating systems

American tech giant Apple issued a warning on Friday about a vulnerability that enables hackers to take control of Mac computers, iPads, and iPhones.

Paytm’s billionaire founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma faces biggest test since IPO dud

Paytm's billionaire founder faces a crucial test of investor confidence on Friday, when shareholders will decide on whether to keep him in charge of...

To identify the source of extremely high-energy cosmic rays, Scientists use NASA’s Fermi data

Researchers are now getting close to correctly identifying PeVatrons, the source of some of the highest energy particles that whip through our galaxy, thanks...

BA-2.75 Omicron Variant Detected In Delhi

The new sub-variant has been detected as BA-2.75. The official said that a study report of 90 samples sent for genome sequencing had detected the new sub-variant.

WhatsApp’s new features cater to privacy protection

On Tuesday, WhatsApp announced three new privacy features. The three new features will allow users to leave groups silently, opt who can and cannot...

Stunning Images of Cartwheel Galaxy captured by James Webb Telescope

Cosmic Carnival Continues as the high-tech James Webb Telescope captures yet another ravishing image of a cartwheeled-shaped galaxy.There are for a fact, more than...

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